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Here you will find answers to a lot of questions you might have regarding the event. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us at


A wetsuit is mandatory in the Stockholm SwimRun. A ‘shorty’ wetsuit (short legs and arms) or two-piece wetsuit is acceptable during the race, but not one that expose the shoulders. The wetsuit must be appropriate for swimming in water of temperatures from 12 degrees. Other equipment that we recommend include:

  • Terrain shoes or running shoes that don’t absorb too much water
  • Swimming goggles
  • Water bladder / bottle (especially if in high temperatures)
  • Fins, any length and type
  • Snorkel
  • Hand paddle
  • Buoyancy aids (max: 100cm x 60cm)
  • Tow line (max 10m)

Any equipment other than the above which is required for the race will be communicated well before 12.00pm on race day at registration.

NOTE: there is a long walk to access the shower at Stockholm SwimRun so bring warm clothes for dinner and Final Hour and awards ceremony. You have access to the closet both before and after the race. Use a dry-bag or water proof plastic bag, to store your cloth during the race.

What distance is Stockholm SwimRun?

The course covers a total of 27km – of which 23km is trail running and 4km is open water swimming.

How many sections of swimming and running make up the course?

There are 10 swimming sections (totaling 4,000 meters) 11 trail sections (covering 23,000 meters).

Are there changing facilities at the event?

Please bring a bag containing your post-race clothing and we can store it in our manned cloakroom for free. You can then retrieve your bag after the race. A separate changing-tent for ladies is available. Unfortunately there are no shower at the start/finish area, but there are at the Univeristet, which facilities we can use, approx. 2 km walk.

Where is the starting point?

The race starts in the so-called "pot" in the Stora Skuggan natural area of Norra Djurgården.

How do you get to the starting point by car?

From Stockholm City you can take the E18 north to Stockholm University, where you can park and walk down towards the Stora Skuggan approx. 2 km.

What is the best way to get to the starting point?

Parking is available at Stockholm University, but we recommend taking the Tunnelbanan to Universitetet T-bana and then walking 2 km down to the Stora Skuggan and starting point.

Is the Race Meeting at 12:00 mandatory?

Yes. Prior to 12:00 the team pick up their race numbers and swimming caps. Teams that miss the "Race-meeting", which takes place in the race (start and finish) area, simply cannot start the race. The race-area opens at 10:00, please be there in good time…

What happens if you miss the Race Meeting?

Then unfortunately you cannot start the race. At least one person from each team must be present at the Race Meeting. We will read out the starting number of teams that are not registered at 12:00 to give all teams a second chance, but if you miss this final opportunity then unfortunately we cannot let you start the race.

Can you buy equipment at the starting point?

Absolutely, you can buy gear including trail shoes and wear them during the race. Wolff-wear and Orca will be on site with lots of great deals on both wetsuits and shoes, but it is first come first served though.

What are the estimated finishing times?

  • Estimated winning time – 2hrs 30mins
  • Elite Athletes – 2hrs 30mins to 3hrs 30mins
  • Athletes – 3hrs 30mins to 4hrs 30mins
  • Novices – 4hrs 30mins to 6hrs

Are there any minimum timing requirements to achieve?

To maintain security and the schedule of the day, the Stockholm SwimRun race law requires that participants pass selected locations by a certain time. Teams that have not passed the checkpoint below by the required time will be taken out of the race:

Uggleviken - 18:30 (Checkpoint waterfront station)

Is lunch included before the race (and after the Race Meeting)?

Yes, we’ll be serving a light lunch with water from 11:00.

What foods do participants receive when the team crosses the finish line?

Yes there will be food for all participants at the finish, and a medium strength beer.

Can I exchange the beer for a cider or soda?

Yes, no problem at all.

Can you compete individually?

No, Stockholm SwimRun is a team competition of two people per team.

Can you have a team of three or more people?

No, Stockholm SwimRun is limited to teams of two participants.

How many water stops are there?

There are at least five water stops on the course and there are water, sport liquid, bars and bananas through our the course and at the finish.

What is the terrain of the running course?

The running course is dominated by marked paths with lightly sprung terrain and some portions may be trackless. These is a small amount of asphalt along the course but this totals less than 1km.

How do you find your way around the course?

The track is clearly marked from start to finish.

How will I know at which point I should swim?

When you go into the water you will see a yellow/orange marker on the opposite side of the water. There are also a people at every in- and out of the water during the course, as well as boats in the water.

Are you allowed to use swimming aids in the water (paddles, fins or similar)?

Yes, the only unauthorized aid participants are not allowed to use are floatation devices that are larger a 100x60cm.

What sort of temperature will the water be?

When the competition takes place on June 14th the water temperature should not fall below 12-15 degrees. If the temperature does fall below this level we will consider shortening the course.

How many teams will be competing?

There is a limit of 500 teams participating in the Full distance of Stockholm SwimRun and 100 teams in both The Sprint and Generation race.

In what classes can you compete?

There are seven classes - Men, Women and Mixed, in the full-distance and in the Sprint. The Generation is one common class. All Full-Distance classes will run and swim the same track and all have a mass start at 14:00. The Sprint class will start at 11:00 and the Generation class will start at 11:05.

Where are the best spectator spots to watch the event?

At the Kräftriket restaurant, Koppartälten and Bockholmen you will be able to follow the participants while you can enjoy a coffee in the sun. If you want to follow the race from the water, this is best done by boat around Brunnsviken and at Bockholmen.

How will security be managed during the swimming sections?

On swimming sections there will be official safety boats that assist participants if problems arise. Personnel are positioned at every in- and out of the water section. If you feel unsure about the swim you are advised to swim with a kickboard and to take it easy.

Can you dive into the water?

It is absolutely forbidden to dive into the water. There will be marshals positioned in and around the water who have the authority to disqualify teams for doing so.

Do I compete in Stockholm SwimRun at my own risk?


Am I insured for Stockholm SwimRun by the organizers?

No. We recommend that you take out some insurance. “Swimrun-Athletes-Insurance Program” from The ÖtillÖ Organization or

Do I get the fee back if I or my teammate falls ill?

No. We recommend “Swimrun-Athletes-Insurance Program” from The Ötillö Organization or

Can you make changes to the team?

Yes, please send us an e-mail. Changes after the 1:th of june costs 300 SEK in administration fee. This can be done onsite on race day and has to be confirmed before 11:00 at the race office. Send your application details and the changes you wish to be made to No external sale of your entry is allowed.

Will there be medical care available?

Yes, there will be medical staff both on boats and at the water stations, as well as along the course. Personnel are positioned at every in- and out of the water section.

Am I required to stop and help a co-participant in need?

Yes. As a participant of Stockholm SwimRun you are responsible for helping your teammate. In addition, as a team you are also responsible for helping other teams who need help or assistance.

Who arranges Stockholm SwimRun?

Drive Action Marketing
c/o Drive Reklam
Observatoriegatan 3